Summer Preparation Guide

This article will discuss steps to prepare for summer and the new school year.

Renew Your License Subscription

  • Customers will receive emails before their subscription expires at 60 days and then again at 30 days.
  • Please allow 2 weeks to complete the renewal process. 
    • You will be required to complete and sign an Order Acknowledgement (OA) for your account. 
  • For more information about the renewal process, email

Test the Solution

Stock Up on Supplies

  • Order enough visitor labels and tardy passes (thermal tape) to get you through the first semester.
    • As a reminder, you can order supplies from any online retailer. Information on compatible supplies can be found here.

Maintaining Your Equipment

  • We recommend cleaning your printer twice a year. Here are some helpful articles:
  • If your hardware is nearing its end of life, we recommend replacing it. Information on compatible replacement hardware is available here.

School Manager

  • Check your current active users in the Users List.  
    • This list manages all users who have access to your apps.
  • Import any new Preloaded Lists for the new year.  
    • These can include staff, student, or volunteer lists. 
    • If integrating with a third party to populate these lists, ensure the list is correctly updated at the start of the year.
    • Review your existing preloaded lists and remove any that are no longer needed.
  • Review/Set an Admin Override passcode
  • Review your Badge Settings and adjust them as needed
  • Clear your Pre-Approved Visitors List
    • We recommend that if you use the sexual offender check and the pre-approved visitors list, you clear that list periodically.
  • Review your Nogo List
    • The Nogo list manages who cannot enter your location.
  • Review your Notification Settings
    • These settings are important for the sexual offender and Nogo alerts.  
    • Be sure each user who has access to notifications reviews their notification settings and tests that they are receiving alerts.

Check-In Station (Web Client)

Additional Action Items

  • Contact if you would like to schedule a refresher training for all sites within your district. 
  • Prepare communication to your parents about using security solutions like this within the schools and what is expected of them. Find a sample letter here.
  • Contact to schedule a meeting with your account manager if you would like to discuss items such as:
    • Explore additional functionalities you may want to add over the summer
    • If you are planning on adding/changing integrations
    • If you plan to replace hardware for your Visitor Management solution