Sex Offender Check (Web Client)

The sexual offender check is a crucial part of ensuring your school is safe from unwanted visitors. We perform an offender check based on the National Sex Offender Registry and data obtained from the driver's license or ID that is scanned. We use this information to search for exact matches, aliases, and other variations of the name entered.

In cases where a driver's license or other ID is not scanned and the information is entered manually, a sexual offender check is still performed, and the key data entered is expanded upon when searching. An example of this is the date of birth. Since the date of birth is being entered manually we expand the search to include 5 years before and 5 years after the year of birth so that we can include as many possible matches as we can. For example, if a birth year of 1985 is entered, the SOC search would cover 1980-1990.

One reason the offender check is not 100% accurate is that users may not always enter correct information. It's important to always require your users to show their ID whenever possible.

A Note About Data Privacy

CENTEGIX does not store driver's license or scanned ID data. When an ID is scanned, only the information needed to perform the sexual offender check is used. This included the first, middle, and last name, date of birth, and state. Once the check is complete the data used is gone.

There is one exception to this; using the Pre-approved Visitors List. When this list is active and enabled for your check-in system, users who successfully complete the SOC check will automatically be added (you cannot manually add users to this list), making it easier for frequent visitors to sign in without having to scan their ID every time. This data is stored on our servers but is managed by you and can be deleted anytime.

It’s important to remember that after the initial check-in and SOC check are approved, a new SOC check is only performed if the user's record in the Pre-approved Visitor List is expired or the list is inactive altogether. This means that frequent visitors may scan their ID each time to check-in, but a SOC check is not performed every time. Click here for more information on the Pre-approved Visitor List.