PowerSchool App

We are able to integrate the CENTEGIX Visitor Management System with PowerSchool to save you time and money! In fact, this integration can save a single school 2 hours of data entry per day. This can add up to $5,000 in savings per school per year!

CENTEGIX Visitor Management is an approved PowerSchool ISV partner with access to all PowerSchool API integration tools.

Once your district is on the Enterprise Edition of Visitor Management, you have the option to add the PowerSchool API connection to the district’s School Information System (SIS). This allows your district’s PowerSchool SIS to share the following data in real-time:

Student roster data, student contacts and attendance codes are automatically imported from PowerSchool to our system and kept current. All student names and attendance codes will be stored in  Badge Settings within your School Manager.

Student Tardy and Early Departure data are automatically exported from our system to PowerSchool attendance. Student information, the attendance code selected, and the time will all be posted back into the students' attendance table and Comments section for Period(Meeting) or Daily attendance.

Specific time-in and time-out data can also be posted directly to their respective fields in Powerschool with our Time-In/Time-Out integration.

Use the list below to learn how to configure your PowerSchool connection!