Step 5 – Set a Sync Schedule and Start The Connection (PowerSchool)

The last step is to select a sync schedule and start the connection!

Selecting a Sync Schedule

The sync schedule dictates how often your students and contacts are updated. You can set a schedule that updates in real-time or at an interval you set, such as every day or every week on a certain day or certain time. Keep in mind that attendance posting to PowerSchool is always done in real-time!

On your Registration Page click Sync

In the Sync Cron Job field enter in any one of the following most common sync schedules:

Every three minutes – */3 * * * *

Every day – 0 0 * * *

Every week – 0 0 * * 0

Cron job

There are other entries that can be used. Click the Generate Here link for more examples. Please note that all resync times will take place according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Cron job 2

Once you have entered in the schedule click Start Syncing.

This sync includes syncing any changes in students’ status; as new students are enrolled or current students are withdrawn from the school their records will update accordingly in your CENTEGIX School Manager. It also will keep students’ associated contacts up to date as well.

The sync also ensures that attendance is accurately posted to PowerSchool. If errors occur with your registration or if you notice you have attendance that is not posted to PowerSchool, please reach out to our support team for further assistance or review our PowerSchool FAQ page.