Step 2 – Choose Your Preferred Integration (PowerSchool)

Accessing the PowerSchool App

To access your PowerSchool app, you'll need to log in to your District Manager with an admin account.

Once logged in, click the PowerSchool App link in the left navigation pane.

PowerSchool App

You will be taken to the Registration page. Click Add New.

Standard vs. Time In/Time Out

There are 2 different paths to creating your PowerSchool registration.

  • Standard – This is our standard integration that includes syncing students, contacts, and attendance codes with the ability to write back both period and daily attendance to PowerSchool.
  • Time In/Out – This includes all features of the Standard integration with the added ability to post specific time-in and time-out data into the correct fields in PowerSchool.

Important Note: Attendance codes and the comment field are synced from your Visitor Management apps to PowerSchool instantly. The clock-in and clock-out times and overall time calculation will only occur when the reporting utility within PowerSchool is run.

Click the integration below you wish to configure.