JiffyPass User Registration Check-In Process (Web Client)

This process assumes you have configured JiffyPass User Registration using the Integrated JiffyPass scan mode.

A new JiffyPass user will see the screen below when scanning their RFID card/fob for the first time.

The user will select Yes and, if more than one badge has JiffyPass User Registration enabled, the user will select which badge to use. (If only one badge has the feature enabled, that badge will be automatically used.)

Users will then enter their first, middle, and last name. This information will be saved to their RFID record in the School Manager. If configured, you can have users scan their drivers license or ID card to autofill the first, middle, and last name fields.

The user will then complete any other required Additional Information that the badge may have configured.

Once registration is complete, the users’ records can be viewed in your School Manager RFID List. Additionally, the completed registration counts as a check-in for the day. You can view the check-in record in your Activity Report.

A sexual offender check can still be performed when using this feature.