Flextime Check-In (Web Client)

To enable Flextime Check-In, first click on the 3 lines at the top left-hand corner of the check-in/out screen, then click on Settings. If you do not see Settings, you’ll need to click on Switch to Admin Mode and then log in with admin credentials. Once there, you should see Settings.

Within Settings, click on Enable Flextime Check-In.

Flextime Check-In allows you to complete check-in with a date and time you specify. This feature is useful for users who may have forgotten to sign in. 

Click Flextime Check-In on your Home Page

Select the badge you want to complete the check-in under

Enter the date and time of the check-in and click the green next arrow.

The Flextime Check-In feature is only visible in Admin Mode. 

Keep in mind that any devices active for the badge you are using will also be active for any Flextime Check-Ins. 

Important Note: Flextime Check-In will retroactively add check-in/out times but will not overwrite or edit the previous check-in/out entry. It will create a new entry on the Activity Report altogether.