Setting Up Your First Check-In Station (Web Client)

Station Setup Options

There are 4 station setup options:

New – Creates a new check-in station

Replacement – Replaces a station no longer in use

Clone – Clones another working station

Other – Install the Client Agent and delete stations

Station Setup options

Creating a New Station

To set up your first station, select New.

Create New Station

Selecting a Settings Template

First, select a settings template. The template you choose will be used to set up some commonly used devices. Below is a description of what each template configures.

Basic – Selecting this template will add a webcam, 2 DYMO printers, and a JiffyPass Scanner

Visitor Package – This template will add a webcam, a DYMO printer for visitor labels, a JiffyPass Scanner, and an Optical Scanner for Drivers Licenses and QR Code Check Out

Visitor and Student Package – This template will add a webcam, 2 DYMO printers, a JiffyPass scanner, and an Optical Scanner for Drivers Licenses and QR Code checkout

Blank – No pre-configured devices

Template URL – Uses a URL to share settings from another Web Client station (This will not change badge names. That must be done in the Web Manager.)

Next, select your School and type in a Station Name

Station Setup Options 2

Click Create.

You will then be asked if you would like to enable Offline Support.

Offline Support

We recommend that you activate offline support in case your internet connection drops or is otherwise unstable.

Finally, you will be asked if you plan to print badges. See the Client Agent section of this website for setup instructions.

Printing Badges

You now have a check-in station! Be sure to further configure your devices and station settings in the Settings section.

Using Admin Mode and Kiosk Mode

There are 2 modes that your check-in station can be in:

Admin Mode – In this mode, you have complete access to the settings for the check-in station. In addition, no passcode is needed for SOC and NOGO alert overrides or if someone manually enters in their information instead of scanning a driver’s License. This mode is not recommended for visitor use.

Kiosk Mode – This mode restricts access to the settings area of your check-in station. In addition, an admin passcode will be required if you have a SOC/NOGO alert or if a user has to manually enter in their information instead of scanning their driver’s license. To use this mode, please create an organization user, assign them the Station-Kiosk role, and then use that account as your check-in station account.

Do not use the Switch to Kiosk Mode option to utilize kiosk mode. This mode is used for testing only.

Q: How can I tell which mode I am in?

A: Look in the upper right corner of your check-in screen. You will see your school name and below your station name followed by the mode you are in.