Advanced Networking Requirements

CENTEGIX Advanced Networking Requirements

The CENTEGIX check-in software accesses our servers for syncing check-in and settings data, running SOC Checks, and accessing a number of our other services, including the School Manager and our Remote Access Service.

On an average connection, we normally find no need to set any special configurations as the default HTTP/HTTPS ports are in use for most services, but if your school operates any sort of network security, it may be a good idea to use the information below as a checklist to ensure our service will work in your organization.

Zscaler, Sophos, and other content-filtering programs may affect Visitor Management setup and functionality. 

CTGX-VM – This is the host our program syncs check-in data and settings to. – This is the host our program runs SOC checks from for sign-ins. – This domain is used by many features associated with V4, such as the school manager, client, and notifications.

Port 80 and Port 443 are used for the traffic to these hosts.