Two-Factor Authentication

CENTEGIX Visitor Management now supports two-factor authentication (2FA). This can sometimes be referred to as two-step verification and requires users to provide 2 different authentication methods to verify themselves during login. In our case, the 2 authentication methods will be an end user’s standard CENTEGIX Visitor Management account password and a code provided via email to the user.

Enabling 2FA

When a user logs into any visitor management application, they will first be asked if they would like to enable 2FA.

Clicking Skip will bypass 2FA if users do not wish to enable it.

Clicking Yes will prompt the user to enter in a code they’ll receive via email.

After entering the code and clicking Verify the user will be logged in.

That’s it! 2FA is now enabled. The user will not have to re-enter a code when logging into apps from the browser they verified on until the code expires after 30 days.  

Keep in mind that if the browser cache is deleted or an incognito browser is used, a new code will need to be entered.

Disabling 2FA

If the user wishes to disable 2FA they can navigate to their account profile page and disable the 2FA toggle.


2FA will not be enabled or used for SSO and Organization users.