FAQ (Identity App)

What is the Identity app?

Our Identity app allows you to configure an SSO (Single Sign On) connection between your IAK apps and a compatible Identity Provider such as Active Directory. This will allow you to sign in once and have access to your IAK apps with no additional passwords required!

Are there other benefits of using this app?

There sure are! Instead of passwords, your login will use something called “tokens.” These tokens are good only for the device you access Visitor Management apps on, and they expire after a set time, making these much more secure than passwords. This will also streamline new users accessing Visitor Management apps for the first time. No longer will they have to be invited by an existing user as an Visitor Management account is created from the information from your Identity Provider.

Is there a cost associated with this app?

There is no additional cost with this app! As long as you have an Enterprise account, you will have access to the Identity app.

How do I get started?

You must have an Enterprise account with us. If you have this already, then you already have access to the Identity app! To access the app, navigate here and log in with your existing Visitor Management account.

What are a few compatible Identity Providers?

Some examples of compatible providers that can be used with this app are:

Active Directory GSuite (Google) Microsoft Azure Salesforce.

How do I define what users have access to Visitor Management apps?

Our Identity app will import Groups from your Identity Provider. These groups act like folders to which users are assigned. The users within the groups you import will be the users with access to the app(s) and role(s) for those apps that you choose.

My users aren’t part of a Group in my Identity Provider. What can I do?

Groups within your Identity Provider can be created. Please consult your specific Identity Providers user guide for more information on this.

How do I define what information Visitor Management receives from my Identity Provider?

When setting up this integration, we add what are called attributes. These attributes are the basic information we receive from your Identity Provider, including:

First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Number Group Names

Can I keep track of users who have logged in?

Yes! Using the Identity app, you can see who has logged into any of your Visitor Management apps. You can also remove access for users.

Can I enable and disable this connection whenever I want?

Yes! The connection can be disabled and re-enabled at a later time if need be.