Viewing Your Subscription Information (School Manager)

The subscription page contains information used primarily for our version 3 software, but there are a few pieces of information here that you should keep in mind.

EREG Customer Profile - This is your school's contact information, which is contained within our internal customer management system.  If this info is incorrect, please get in touch with our Customer Success team at 1-800-950-9202 Option 2.

School Information - This section contains your school name, address, and Registration ID(no longer needed)

Registration Information - This section contains a license code(no longer needed) and your school/district account number(s).

Support Contact - If you need technical support, please use the following contact information here or contact our main technical support team at 1-800-950-9202 Option 2 or by emailing

Current License - This will show your current license status and expiration date.